Saturday, March 14, 2015

slow but progressing

Well I have been hand quilting a quilt that has been on the frame for way too long, it is embarrassing to say how long! so I won`t but I am sure if you scavenge the blog you will be astonished. I vowed I would not start quilting another quilt till this one is done

so below is one of the places where the applique action occurs, as you can see Buddy is waiting for me to sit there so that he can chew on his stick that is under his belly, you can also see other projects waiting for me under the quilt frame, I have to have a quilt on so that when Buddy is done he crawls under and sleeps. The angel today attacked a raccoon and got bit, so we were at the emergency vets pain and antibiotics and we are home 2 punctures on the right shoulder and neck and his poor forehead/ear scratched and  bruised, he is lucky that is all! I saw the size of the monster as he debated whether to go up the tree or just stay where he was, massive! When he did decide it was very slow he was fat! This is also with the prospect of a colonoscopy today (for me), so I am in the middle of prep work, not a pleasant situation to be in when we go to the vets lucky for us there was only one other person there. A great shout out though to the Toronoto Veternary Emergency Hospital they were fabulous! no sedation needed to investigate the guy and just a shave. 

 Okay back to quilting, I also prepped all the border blocks and have more than half appliqued so I got a little excited and posted all the blocks I have done on the wall, I am half way there so that is a good sign. I am loving how it is coming along with the different values of fabric and the border blocks.
Alright as I say to everyone back to work kids gotta do some more applique today and later some hand stitching. I hope everyone else has time to stitch. 

Oh one other thing, I am on of the representatives at the Creative Sewing festival for Twisted Stitchers I will be showing everyone how to applique using the no melt templar method (techinque used with the baskets) I will also demo needle turn applique,  it is a free 45 minute demo once you are in. 

Also I will be at the both sewing a little on our Presidents machine stop by and say hello if you can. Apr 24/25 I will be there 25th 


  1. Kinda lucky the angel found a raccoon and not a skunk. I do like your baskets quilt. Good luck on the quilting. If you keep at it, it will be finished one day.

  2. Glad to hear that Buddy is none the worse for his adventure! Your quilts are beautiful, the baskets look so good with the variety of fabrics.

  3. I've been hearing the raccoons and the skunks at night so winter is over. Poor little Buddy but that's little dogs for you. They are fierce and think they are much bigger and tougher than they are! I love your baskets - so very pretty. If I am able to get out to the Festival I will definitely take in your demo! Your work is so gorgeous so it would be a real treat to see you in action!

  4. Wish I could be there to see your demostration! You have really been on a roll lately. Hope you enjoy some slow stitches today!


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