Wednesday, January 13, 2016

365 quilt

Is anyone working on? I caught up last night got 13 done. it is free and there are over 11, 000 quilters signed up for it. go to the 365 Quilt link and they are also on Facebook

here is what I have so far...and you will love the look of a Chi that needs some mama love.

 these are 14 blocks done already. now the thing that scares me

we are already heading into our second week of January! how does that happen?
I also taught another one block wonder class in the later part of 2015 and one of the students, a total beginner sent me this gorgeous quilt, she was a great student! and look her quilt is just incredible. I hope to see the others as well they all picked great fabric

I put Buddy in because this is the best picture of him 


  1. G'day Buddy! That is a very good picture of look like such a great little guy. I thought about signing up for 365 blocks but we are occasionally away, so that would mean a heck of a lot of catching-up.

  2. So many tempting projects on line. It can be overwhelming. I just keep plugging along on UFO's


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