Saturday, July 16, 2016

New Sampler!

Hi, Mom made me another sampler she does BOM at her local quilt stores one in Leamington called a Stitch in Time this year she picked red, white and black and this was my Christmas present. We didn't get to see each other for Christmas but we celebrated Christmas in July.

Mom got 8 of the blocks done and then I did the last 4 the patterns were perfect.

 I did the last on the right and those flying geese. Honestly each of the patterns were very precise the pieces fit together like a puzzle.
 My job now was to decide how to finish the quilt. I had picked out this fabric before Christmas specifically for this quilt from The Quilt Store  when they had their last 50 percent off before Christmas.
 I had also bought this book at a guild quilt show one of the members boutiques. I had a plan.
 This was the first block, I was very happy with the results I ran up to show my husband he liked it too. Poor guy just had his other knee operated on and had a tough time with the anesthetic so progress has been slower, but this gave him incentive to come down the stairs to see the rest of the idea I had decided for the next sampler layout! LOL
 This was one of the side blocks thought that was pretty cool too...

Now I was excited! I got the top done I started this Thursday night and got up this morning to sew the 2 halves together the center is now completed. I only have the borders to put on.

I think Mom would be very happy her sampler gift did not sit in a box but got done right away.


  1. The blocks you added for the setting make a wonderful more dramatic quilt. The leaf fabric works oh so well fussy cut the way you have done. Very creative.

  2. Woops you did well with those blocks from the one fabric..... ..

  3. Your fabric and those blocks were made for each other, weren't they! Where's Buddy......I thought he was your quilt model, don't tell me he has gone on strike?

  4. Those fabrics you bought are perfect and it is going together beautifully. My projects don't like sitting around waiting either.

  5. Wow! Fabulous layout and additions to the quilt top! Can't wait to see the next photo Shoot!


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