Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Country Sunshine start

I couldn't wait for the beginning of the year to start my blocks so I have started my first block.. so happens to be the wrong one but I will start the right one.. I am excited though so I will post what I have done.. I am using what is called the templar method. You use heat resistant mylar and fabric sizing. This is a perfect method to use with repeat patterns in a quilt
To start cut out the heat resistant mylar the shape you are going to use try to be as close as possible to the shape with nice rounded edges where they are to be rounded and nice points where there are to be points. If you don't cut as close to shape as possible you will see every jagged edge!!
Lay the mylar on your fabric choice draw shape cut out shape leaving a 1/4in. Spray some fabric sizing in a small tupperware container with lid. Lay the mylar template on the cut out piece so that there is a 1/4in showing all around wet edges that are sticking out with the sizing...with a clover iron I fold over the dampened edges and you will see the shape start to transform!! When you have completed this method your templates can be taken out and you will see your shape. I love this method.. no needle turning no basting and your shape stays forever.

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