Thursday, August 7, 2008

catch up time!

Well I have been busy gettting things ready for the fall. I will be teaching the Christmas tree skirt which I finally have it how I wanted it with the scallop edging.
The class will be at Cockadoodle quilts you will see the link at the side.

Secondly I am trying to get my sample ready for January for the Piece of Cake Aunt Millie' Garden. They didn't put in the instructions how they do the center part with the circle so I pieced it together by hand and then hand appliqued it to the middle then I visited their blog and sure enough they had the process they had used. You can click on the title and the link will come up... their method was to applique every other wedge onto a 6" piece then applique to the block. I will have to try that way so that I can give the students that option.

I still have to put a few leaves on and also the very center little circle but I had to show you.. of course. I have started the second block and have all the stems done and will be appliquing tulips soon.

My advise is try a little applique if you haven't already you would be amazed on how relaxing it is.. take a class so that you can learn the basic's and just practice a little. It will open a whole new world... I love to piece as well but an applique boarder really dresses up a pieced quilt!!



  1. Oh, the block is wonderful! I saw the pattern at a shop while I was on vacation but did not buy it. How many blocks do you have left to do?

  2. Love your block and the quilt is going to be gorgeous!

  3. I love the "Aunt Millie's Garden" block. What applique method are you using? Needleturn?
    I haven't had a chance to visit Cock-A-Doodle Quilts yet but hope to soon.

  4. I love this block! I just found you from Rose Marie's blog and will be back to check and see how your quilt turns out. I am sure it will be beautiful.

  5. The block is lovely! I love hand work. I agree, it is so relaxing! Keep well!

  6. The center really looks great. I think it will look better your way than the way they said to do it at Pieceocake. I like your other work too....

  7. By the way--what kind of dog is that in the picture?


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