Monday, September 1, 2008


is a virtue. I am having problems with uploading pics with my camera and trying to resolve these issues. I will try to continue with great patience... but it is wearing thin...uuuuugh

I am known as the Stack & Whack (S&W)queen in these parts I love all aspects of S&W and thought I would show you some of my works.. these are old but they are still fun. I still teach this class at a couple of stores as you saw earlier with the tree skirt. I also teach One Block Wonder (OBW) another favorite and very addictive.

This one is called "I Never Promised You a Rose Garden" The pattern was from the Stack and Whackier Book pattern "Sarah's Roses" . The fabric I used was the Hydrangea fabric by Lakehouse that was so popular it was perfect for the roses and rosettes and so much fun to do. Many students took this one.

This one is made with halloween fabric that I just fell in love with the fabric was called the "Unhappy Hour" with ghouls and gobblins drinking and celebrating halloween. It was also a perfect name for this quilt. The background fabric is with cats eyes that glow in the dark very, very cool

This one here is outside my color spectrum I am not a pink/purple kinda gal.. but I just love these Kaffee fabs and it was perfect for the wonderful florals... it is currently hanging (and finished) at the soon it will be down and ready for fall classes... I think it only took me 3 days to put this together.
Oh the title of this one is " Glad to Be Mine"
Well I will continue to work out my camera problem and hope I can post my Aunt Millie Blocks soon.. I have 4 done and they are looking pretty good. Plus I want to show you how I do my centers... Piece of Cake did post on their blog how to.. but I have done mine differently cause I had started it before they posted.
May piece be with you... Deb

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