Wednesday, September 3, 2008

One Block Wonder News!!

I have been accepted to teach at our Creative Sewing Festival on Oct 17 . It will be the One Block Wonder (OBW). I have taught this many times at our local and not so local quilt stores such as.... and a couple of stores that have now changed hands. Every student that has taken this course have been so amazed at the outcome of their creation.
I am posting a couple that I have done. I hope to see everyone at the Creative Sewing Festival for 2008.

This one was with penguin fabric very simple.. you are looking for fabrics with no more than 5 colors this would also include your background color... it is also advisable to use fabric that has great background movement. You can see the fabric used on my webshots photos.

I had to laugh when Encore came out they had used the same fabric on one of their quilts!!

This is the type of quilt that you can be creative even as a beginner. You learn more about how your color values work for you to create your own personal work of art... remember it is only one fabric, one block how can you go wrong??

This beauty below is with a wonderful sunflower fabric... this fabric is for more the intermediate that knows their design will be on the wall for a couple of weeks before a clear decision can be made. The pic on the right is the fabric that is used as you can see there are more colors so there is more thought into the placement of your values when designing your quilt.

After effects of cutting and designing.. this is so much fun but better in a workshop so that you can see what others do with their fabrics.

Another Before...

Below is the after.. this is using the 8 wedges rather than the six wedges in previous... I would advise using the 6 wedge to start... you have 3 sides to choose from when piecing your blocks to take advantage of your fabric.

Well as you can see I am very excited by this technique and am glad to share it.. I would advise you to get the Encore book if you are going to make it... it has all the information required so that you can make the cubes as well that are displayed... they didn't put the cube pattern in the first book...
Off to work to dream of quilting....



  1. Deb,
    Your quilts are fantastic! You have done a wonderful job in personalizing our techniques. Your comments are insightful. Sounds like you are great teacher. Thank you for making the OBW process so accessible to others. We would love to see other OBW quilts. Let's keep in touch.
    Maxine and Joy

  2. I saw your penguin quilt in the store and HAD to buy the book. Do you know what day(s) you will be teaching at the CreativFestival? I would love to take your class.

  3. Congratulations on being selected to teach at the festival!

  4. What a great joy to have the creators of the OBW to comment on my blog.. thanks for the wonderful words of praise Maxine and Joy.. also to my other blogger friends.
    I love to see your blogs and also to veiw what you have been doing it gives me great incentive. Deb

  5. Deb:

    Just LOVE that penguin fabric quilt LOL...turned out awesome! Great quilts and nice blog!

    I'm hoping to go to the Creative Sewing Festival this would be my very first one! I've been trying to go every year and there's always something going on. Maybe this year :-).


  6. Hello!

    Mom, two aunts, a friend and I are all taking the course at the Festival. See you there! Just one question.





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