Sunday, September 28, 2008

Take a look!!

if you go to your right hand side you will see I have been blogged!! I just finished teaching a Stack and Whack class at Cockadoodle quilts on Sat and it was so much fun... the classroom is the best lots of light, a huge floor to ceiling design wall, numerous ironing boards for each of the students with their own work area and good eats... if it is an all day session Joanne (the owner) makes a wonderful lunch and dessert for the instructor and students.

What also makes it is the fabric selections that you get to chose from up-to-the minute fabric so that you get what's hot off the press. I can't walk outta that store without a bag full...a heavy bag full of fabric!!

The quilt on the left is one that I had made in the summer for a sampler for the class we had on Saturday. Isn't the fabric just gorgeous!! It was excellent to work with as well the fabric on the boarder is what is used in the pinwheels.

Glenda (one of the students) has been only quilting for a year and by the end of the class she was a pro!! she felt much more comfortable with cutting/sewing and piecing her blocks. What was a challenge is that the other 2 students were actually teachers in the store. I had never taught other "teachers" before and believe me they made me very, very comfortable.. I admit I was a little nervous..LOL.

To visit Cockadoodle Quilts store you can click on the headline of this post or just go to the left and read her blog

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  1. Hi Debra! Thanks for visiting the bears - glad you enjoyed it! Your stack-n-whack quilt in your header is gorgeous!


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