Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sally Post

The block that is on the right is #1. These blocks are from a wonderful site that you can view by clicking on the Title of this bog. This young lady really makes quilting fun with all her wonderful free patterns!! I love her site.

There are about 36 blocks all together and they whip up fast. I am needle turning these and am trying to be a little primitive with it.

Gayle turned me on to this wonderful mustard color fabric and so everything is really geared towards it. I also love the leaf fabric I picked it is different and I will use it throughout all my blocks.

You will see some finished blocks on Gayles site just look at the top on her tabs and you will see albums they are just beautiful and I can also see she has started her own with wonderful color fabs.
This one is block # 2.. I am trying to go in chronilogical order and not to far from the path... I have blocks 3 and 4 in progress...really it is not to hard to do considering each block is so amazing!!

When Gayle first posted this quilt I fell hard for it and had to work it. I had to wait until I had a few of my commissions done. (darn deadlines!!) I am not waiting any longer!! so I started..

To view her quilt go to you will be like me soon enough to many projects on the go. I pretty well think that I am at my limit though.


  1. Hi,
    you did a wonderful job on these blocks! Adorable!
    I've only saved the patterns - but the quilt is still on my to-do-list...which reaches at least one time around the globe...if not further ;o)
    I'm looking forward to the next blocks.
    Cheers, Julia

  2. OK Debra .... you've got me hooked into making those blocks! :o) It is so generous of her to offer these for free.

    Love that Lone Star you are making and did your Mom OK the photo with her in her jammies? Love the quilt she is making.


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