Monday, September 8, 2008

Lots of Questions..

..are being asked about the One Block Wonder.

To start "yes" when I teach this class everyone has to buy their own book it is only fair to the developer of the technique. Plus I am sure once you have started with this technique you will not be able to make just one and you will need the book to refresh yourself when making your next one. Honestly most have made a second or third after taking the course. I would ask if they completed theirs and the reply would be "oh I am on my second one now!!" LOL.

Fabric selection is important. If you want print this page and bring to your store for assistance when buying your fabric. You should get a fabric that has movement in the back ground as well as some movement with the motifs. I find the orientals are a little difficult for the OBW technique there is to much color.. you are looking for fabric that has 5 colors or less that would mean your background as well. When you get your book you will see some of the fabrics that Max and Joy had used.

How much fabric?? if your fabric is a 24in repeat you will get a double size quilt this will include your boarders as well. Remember if you want a larger quilt you will need to get 2x the amount of repeats. If you are making the hexagon that means 6repeats of fabric. You are making a kalidescope and you need to stack 6repeats to make that kalidescope. DO NOT THINK IN METERS/YARDS!! think in how many repeats. So if you want a larger quilt you will need to by 12 24in repeats. I really hope this helps...if you are short repeats your fabric will end up being a 4patch posey instead.

Since talking about repeats if your repeat is only a 6in to 8in measurement I suggest you double the count of repeats. Your material will be easier to work with. So that would be 6in repeats x 12.
If you are going to do the octagon block you will need to buy 8 repeats of fabric to make a block you can see one of the octagon quilts to the left and I had posted another one earlier.
I know that most stores in Toronto are carrying the book and they will gladly order it for you. I am sure you can call them and ask if they will have it at the Creative festival as well.
I have quilts hanging in The Sewing Machine Factory, Cockadoodle Quilts, and Cozy Quilts (in Cobourg) if you want to take a look at them up close and in person.
The most important thing is this will be fun! bring a sharp blade and your design wall. Oh the design wall that was another question.
I used a piece of insulation board cut in half, used some clear duck tape to put together both pieces so it opens like a book and then put batting (cotton) all around again attaching with duck tape (clear). You can also use an off white quilters flannel as well. I am not sure if we can just tape our design wall (batting) to the walls but will find out.
As they say "don't worry.. be happy" this will be mega fun!! Can't wait to see what everyone pics!!


  1. Oh I cant wait to do one block wonder,,,, how can your design blocks stay on that batting without falling off on your design wall,,,, did you temporary pin the blocks on the wall while planning and viewing this?

  2. Hello Debra!

    I have a couple of questions. I have pick out a material that has 6 colors in it. The patern is large flowers but the background takes up quite a bit of the 15 1/2" repeat. Should I get a material that is more pattern and less background? How many pattern repeats are required to do a queen quilt? Mom, my 2 "Aunts", my friend and I are all booked in to your class but are having problems visualizing the type of material to buy. If you have any pics of acceptable material, we would be grateful. Thanks, Helen


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