Thursday, September 11, 2008

Piece of Cake Centers-what I do

I made my template from a plastic cutting board that you get from the dollar store. I love them cause there is alittle rough side that helps keep your template in the material better. I traced the template image on the fabric I was going to use. I used applique pins to pin the pieces together for accuracy. Hand sewed the pieces.. you can machine if you like but I liked the hand work theme as I am also hand appliquing plus it is better control for such small pieces

I thought you would like to see how small the template is compared to my finger. It really is not that hard to work with since they are just straight sides.

You can see after all is together the wrong side is ironed with the spiral of the seams all going the same way this helps with your piecing as well as the bulk.
This is the right side of the block . See the fussy cutting that was done? you can see all the flowers are all going the same way and are also lined up. I love this one!!

This is one of the blocks I don't have it all appliqued but it is in place. I think I will change the centre of the flowers on though I like to see it better.. but I do love the dragonflys Probably can use them in one of the other blocks.

This one is almost done I have all the leaves done just starting the flowers.

I will have alot more to show you there is so much eye candy to catch up on.. I do hope the little tutorial helps with your center as you can see piecing comes out so accurate and you really can be fussy with your cutting...I hope I get to see others who are making this quilt and see what fabrics they are using if you know someone who is making it lemme know would love to see what they are doing.

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