Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Do you remember...??

when I spoke of the signature quilts I was doing in the summer. I have one back from the machine quilter. I asked for the anchor with some rope as the design and she was able to design the motif. The anchor was part of the symbol for the year.. the colors were what they wore. I now have to put the binding on.

I put it on the clothes line to get a full view.. it is large but will fit a queen nicely... the close up is so that you can see some of the siggies and also the design.. where did I get this pattern you ask?? from the May Fon's and Porter mag.. remember it came in the week before the deadline and then it was sew, sew, sew... I was so lucky to find the little square block fabric it just tied all the other colors together.. as you all know pictures really don't do a quilt justice.

next is the "Reaching for the stars quilt! I have the large star all pieced and ready for assembly and have 4 of the corner stars ready for assembly... here is an example of a couple of them. I have the corner and filler blocks in between to do yet... so as you can see I have been a busy quilter. My design board looks pretty cool right now with these stars all over the place... they are alot quicker to put together than the large one that is for sure!!

Now all the little eight pointed stars that I have to make to fill each of the corners of the blocks and then 2 more star blocks for the half pieced blocks.. almost done!!

I am very lucky that I did a sample block.. not sure if it is an error on the pattern or my cutting... but for the little eight pointed blocks the background I have to cut 1/2 smaller than is requested in the pattern for the square and the triangle.... quilters golden rule make a sample block... I repeat... make a sample block...

Normally I don't but for such a big quilt I sure didn't want to waste any fabric!! I found this great background fabric that has stars in it!! I thought that was perfect!

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