Saturday, October 11, 2008

"It is not a race"

Click on the Title "it is not a race" and you will see her wonderful slide show
I promised that it would be a spectacular site to see and I will say that the Group and I were not disappointed!! Karen's exhibition of stunning quilts was well worth every second of our lifetime!! Her work is done by hand those wonderful hexagon's.. yes pieced by hand!! Karen's first words were.. it is not a race and I can see why with all these intricate quilts. Some she made for challenges like the seasonal trees and the fishes.. the embroderie you see on these quilts are all done by I can see that she is not racing to finish these but really enjoys the process of making them.
The group and I thoroughly thank Karen for giving us a view into her quilting world and look forward to the next time she can stand and give us a wonderful show... oh yes she works full time to and does have a family.
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  1. I'm sorry that I missed Karen's trunk show .... how amazing it must have been as both she and her mother are such talented quilters and it is good to take time to make a quilt.


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