Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I have looked high and low

and in every hiding spot I can think of for my wonderful 9patches that I made in the summer. I think little dust bunnies stole them. So I am making another 30. I will find the ones I made earlier and put them in the quilt so.. this one will go on the shelf till I do.. watch I will find the 30 I made earlier and then won't be able to find these ones...
I have my row robins done from a Yahoo group that is full of fibre arts ideas and teachings. I have the group listed on the side as well Learning FA. These Rounds are now going to Norway...my last parcel has not arrived yet but they said to continue sending. When I sent them
Ike was in full swing.. I wonder if it had anything to do with the mail.
The first row Robin I did the middle row...pattern is called broken dishes and I fussy cut a kettle to go with her cups and saucers.
The second round robin started with Noah's ark, then the flying geese and then you can see Noah and his animals.. I did the "sea of waves" pattern.. so that all elements are covered. The Earth, Air, Sea..wonder what the next person will think of??
Carol Doak has started another BOM and it geared toward scenic blocks these are paperpieced. I crazy pieced the tree and have one of my kitties waiting for me to come home on my yellow brick road. I am digging again just in my scrap barrel to make these precious 7" blocks. You can join this yahoo group..the link is on the side and have fun making these free blocks.
There is an album too.. you can see what about 50 others have done with this block.. amazing!!


  1. My luck would be to find them just as I finished making the new ones. Don't you hate it when you look and look and can't find something you know is there. I can look three times in the same general area, and then go back after a couple days and find it there. Gremlins!

  2. Shirley here from the learningfa
    group. I love the robins you did in my group and I appreciate it that you mentioned us and showed us the blocks.

    There were some wonderful pieces finished in the RR's.

    I think your work is outstanding and I will visit your blog often.


  3. Wow, I just cannot get over the number of groups/projects you're involved in. How do you find the time? You create beautiful work! thank you for sharing!


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