Friday, October 24, 2008

Swaps continued...

this little guy is a swap that I am doing with girls in a group called they are doing a swap with 20 of the patterns from everyone will donat a dollar for the use of her patterns.
He is called Eggbert.. now I have not machine appliqued before and so I am trying a new process. I am more the hand appliquer.. but I like it.. I had found meters of the Chicken wire fabric and that was great for the background. I love his wings and tail they are little trees but are perfect to look like feathers.

these are the nine patches that were in their envelopes earlier now they are in their respective piles and are waiting to be mailed... I am going to do that on Sunday.. this was fun to do it was a great way to meet some lovely ladies their wonderfull little notes of thanks and great fq's that they sent in thanks and help pay postage. Our postage is different in Canada to US and so they are not able to prepost the envelopes.
Well it is Friday and I am so happy one more week and I start a new old job.. I am going back to my old job but am very happy.. it is 2weeks days and 2 weeks nights... I love working nights and can't wait to start!!
Have a great weekend.

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