Thursday, October 23, 2008


I finally started these wonderful little blocks and had to post them.. if you go to the side and click on the little ark it will take you to Lynette's site where she has all these patterns posted for free!
I love what she has called her map on how each of these blocks of the month are to lay out.. she calls it her "mud map" how cute is that.

If you go to her site as well you will also see others that have done this little BOM and see the variances that others have done with their blocks.

They are very quick to put together and it is a new stitch I had to learn.. I am hoping with practice that I will get better.

this was the first one I did and I just loved doing those itty bitty cotton tails
so do take a visit by clicking on the ark on the right you will not be disappointed! There is still time to catch up and I know there are about 3 more she has to post.. I am wondering if the box in the middle will be the Ark itself... or just click on the title... and it brings you to her home page. Great Quilt pics and she has the cutest animal pics that her puppy and kitty pose for...


  1. Your blocks are turning out lovely! I contemplated participating in that project but just had too many other hand project going! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I can see that you are really enjoying the ark blocks, its fun to learn new stitches. Thanks for showing them on your blog.....not long now until the next one will be ready!


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