Saturday, October 11, 2008

Swaps are so much fun!!

I am currently organizing a wonderful 9patch swap and there are 30 members that participated. Well I have all the parcels and for Thanksgiving weekend I have the joy of giving thanks to all those that participated.
Quilters are such giving and wonderful friends and I am so happy that I am a quilter they are the bestest friends you can ever have.
We are all cyber friends from all over the world and what better way than to have a keepsake by enjoying one of their blocks in your quilt.
Mom and I will be seperating these this weekend and putting them in their respective envelopes then mailing them off.
We lost one member due to a sudden death and we all are donating a nine patch to make a quilt for her dear husband and daughter. MerryBee (MB) was a wonderful contributor to our site and we will miss her dearly. Merry Bee's daughter (MBG-Merry Bee's Girl) has been wonderful in filling in MB's quilting chair and has sent me MB's Bulls Eye swap blocks I will mix these in the quilt and have it for them for Christmas.
As you can see my basket is full and the cat in the hat is estatic to have these blocks so close at hand to play with. Mail has been fun the last couple of weeks and I will surely miss getting these packages. Once I have them laid out and ready for mailing I will post another pic...
I think it would be great to also have a "blogger" swap.. can you just imagine!!

I am in 2 other swaps as well.. one is with Sindy's Chicken patterns on another site The girls on this site picked patterns from . We well send a donation to the creator for the use of her pattern. I will be doing Eggbert. There are 20 ladies involved and it is so cool can't wait these have to be done and sent by end of Oct.

I am also in a Xmas square swap on another group this is a new group but with some old members and new members. I am trying to get as many people as possible for the squares so that the coordinator will have lots of work to do!! I want her to know how much fun it is to get all these parcels. This is her first time coordinating a swap.. what fun!! All you need to do is cut 2 6 1/2in squares for each member that signs up for the swap.. how easy is that.. no piecing, just accurate cutting.

So if any of you come up with some great idea's or links to some nine patch ideas please pass them this way... the more ideas the better. Remember quilters love to share
Now to go play.. I think the house is starting to get up!!

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