Monday, November 10, 2008

Memory quilts

I now understand more of a memory quilt. I am currently putting together a quilt that is memory of one of our cyber quilting friends who passed suddenly. We wanted to do something for the family in memory of her...we were also fortunate that her daughter was able to reach us to let us know what had happened.

MerryBee was her name and she was always the cheerleader of the group she was also involved in many of our lives giving advice and chuckles on a daily basis. MerryBee also joined our swaps and in doing so she was in our 9patch and Bullseye swap.

TXMary one of members offered to finish Merrybee's nine patch blocks and sign them in memory of her then they were sent to me. Merrybee's daughter (MBD) also said that she had some bullseye blocks that she was not sure what to do with... so being the normal quilter that I am piped up and said send them all to me and I will do something in memory of her. If you click on the title it will bring you to the group if you would like to join in there are many quilty things to talk about projects people are working on.. great advice and tips.. also great warm and loving friendships all quilters are welcome

Well I was not sure what Iwas going to do but the blocks that came where absolutely wonderful! The names of all the participants were on the blocks and I am loving putting this quilt together. It is really a great healing process. I am posting what I have done so far.. I am hoping to have this done by the end of Nov so that I can beat the Christmas rush..

I am going to quilt as you go the big blocks that way the quilt will be smaller under my machine.

I hope you like it.. I really am loving the scrappy effect.


  1. Debra, your memory quilt is beautiful. You are a very talented young lady. And, how nice of you and your group to do this for MerryBee's daughter.

    Pat in Texas

  2. Wow .... love this quilt and it is so wonderful that friends have offered to finish her quilts.

  3. I must say that you have done a beautiful job on creating a setting for these blocks. What a wonderful memory.

  4. I love the way you have incorporated the bull's eye blocks-I have never seen them done this way and they are outstanding! Shirley in Calgary

  5. A very clever way to combine the two blocks! Her family will be so pleased.

  6. OMG, it is gorgeous! I just love the colours! What a wonderful way to remember your friend! Thank you for sharing!

  7. Love the layout of the blocks! Nice idea behind it all... Very generous...
    Thanks for visiting my blog! Lets me check out your's, which I have never come across in my hopping. 8-)
    You have a wonderful blog here! I shall be back!
    Happy stitchings! 8-)

  8. It's terrrific! I Love the combination of blocks. MerryBee's daughter will be thrilled.


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