Sunday, March 22, 2009

The mini madness continues..

the quilt above is it a mini or is it a full size.. I am going mini crazy this is a Sho-fly pattern.. I have called it Sho-Fly at my window.. the yellow single irish chain is the sun shining through.. I just love that daisy boarder and know I am almost at the very end of the scraps of that one.. I will miss playing with it..

the one above is Anvil pattern and this is taken from a quilt circa 1900 I tried to be as scrappy as possible and am hand quilting it.. I know when will I post something finished!! this one is almost done I am going to put mini prairie points won't it just be darling!!

this one above took a little work.. about a week of piecing this is made with batiks and of course the pattern had a cutting the seam ripper and I had a few words to say to each other.. but we worked it out. I am thinking seriously of machine quilting it. I have a friend that is willing to guide me and I have been doodling while on the phone at work sooo..please wish me luck
All these patterns were from the Miniature quilt Mags (that are discontinued)

I will posting my mini's have done.. I am up to 4.. 2 are almost completed and 2 have to decide on the blogger had a great idea on what to do with the Black and white rail fence and that is to use beading..what a grand idea Rose Marie
I am going to go over to the Yorkshire blog and update that one so you can see the wonderful display of mini's that other group members are bringing for our May 13th auction.
bless bare with me as I go through my mini madness phase..LOL


  1. I am loving the mini madness. I have not gotten into it yet myself, but I think I will soon. Keep sharing.

  2. No wonder we've not seen hide nor hair of you!

    Those mini quilts are absolutely awesome, Deb. I don't know where you find the patience.

    Is the auction going to be only in person? I'm going over to the guild website to see what other marvels we'll see.

    I can't magine ever making one of those. Absolutely brilliant!

  3. You've got me wanting to do some mini's. Yours look fantastic.

  4. Beautiful work Debra. You must have incredible patience!

  5. OH, they are all awesome. You sure do have some patience to work with such tiny pieces.

  6. I love them all, but that batiks one is screaming my name!! Do you have the pattern name? I would love to try one of those.

  7. Your minis are all just beautiful and I particularly like the pieced star. Good luck with the quilting - you will do just fine!

  8. I love the anvil block and yours is just wonderful!


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