Friday, March 6, 2009

Mini Sensations

I have gone a little mini crazy getting ready for our guild auction on May 13 you will need to go to that blog (click on title it will bring you there) to see what is going on..I will tantalize you with one pic here... now you can tell me if this rail fence looks like a regular size quilt or a mini...LOL
I tried machine quilting it 2wice and ripped it out did not like it.. so Iam going to tie this one with black DMC floss.. suitable for a rail fence..don't you think.. so visit the Yorkshire blog..


  1. I'd never have known it was a minitaure if you hadn't said it. It's wonderful! Just out of curiosity, what are the dimensions, Deb?

  2. No matter what size it is, it is beautiful. That gets me thinking, I should try a few minis.

  3. Beautiful.
    Do yiu find quilting with the floss easy? I did it once and it was quite a task.

  4. When I look at the quilt on your blog it looks like a big quilt but then when I click on it I see that it is a miniature. Very neat.

  5. Your minis are unbelievable! Great work.

  6. It's just beautiful. I wouldn't have know it was a miniature if you hadn't said so.
    I've nominated you for the "Kreativ Blogger Award". Stop by my blog to check out the details.

  7. I've been thinking about this mini and what can you do for quilting it. What about using beads for tying the quilt together? They could be placed randomly thus giving the quilt extra sparkle.

  8. That is a wicked little quilt Deb -- absolutely gorgeous. I haven't made a mini in a long time ... this is reawakening my interest...big time!


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