Saturday, February 28, 2009

All blocks are ready to applique

I have all my Aunt Millie's blocks prep'd and ready to applique I have 4 appliqued already but just really got in the mood to pick fabrics and get the rest done.. there may be changes on 2 of the blocks.. (the one with the little dots I am thinking of changing the little dots to strips material or a gingham type) but we will see. I have posted a little slide show on the side so that you can take a look.. I am missing one...can't find the pic of the tulips but I know I had posted it earlier.

There are many AMG (aunt millie's garden) being done out there.. one blog you may want to take a look at is Carrie's. She is an applique teacher and some of her students are doing this block their colors and workmanship are awesome. Carrie also has a great tutorial on Prairie Points. Megan also has a great twist on her AMG blocks as well.. a wonderful assortment of chocolates for her backgrounds and her colors are exquisite!!
Thank you for all your encouragement I think it helps having a blog this way you get a good cheer now and then and it keeps you going so that you can show the next one... now to start with those Dear Jane blocks I got my next 10 in soo..
Just a Hurray for Blogger and Picasa.. they let you do amazing things for your pics.. I can crop and then also have a slide show and there are other things that I am investigating.. there is so much..
Don't forget to check the Yorkshire Rose blog on my side bar that is the Quilt guild we belong to and we really want to see some of your mini quilts so that we can have some great ideas on what quilts to make.
Sewing piecefully


  1. Simply Gorgeous! Love everything about these blocks!

  2. Deb your AMG blocks are to die for. This is one applique quilt that I'd love to make some time in the future. Your choice of fabrics is stunning and I thoroughly enjoyed the slide show. Now I'm off to tour your guild's mini quilts.

  3. Deb your color selection is beyond words.
    You have an extroidery talent for this.
    I too have this pattern but it is not in my to do list this year but I will always look to your blog for inspiration.

  4. Hi,
    Just noticed that you are following my blog. Wanted to visit yours and I'm glad I did...your applique is just beautiful. The fabric is wonderful.
    Thanks again,

  5. These blocks are so beautiful. They make me wish I did applique. I also love your cat tree.

  6. Those blocks are stunning!! Make me want to start that quilt.
    Love the inhabitants of your kitty tree!

  7. Oh yes keep going, this is going to be a special quilt, just love it.

  8. love your blocks!!! Hugs, Mary

  9. you have a gift for color. what fabrics are these?

  10. I will have to do Aunt Mille's garden one day. It is from Piece of Cake, right? I love hand applique, and love these blocks. Could you tell me where exactly you got them? Great job!

  11. Your blog is keeping me here visiting! WOW...that's all I got is WOW!


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