Sunday, February 8, 2009

Country Sunshine

I think I promised earlier that I would post my progress on my Country Sunshine quilt. I have a few more leaves to do and the berries then the other four blocks of flowers in the basket. I was testing out the backgrounds to see if they would be okay. I think they will once I get the other flowers on them. (btw these blocks are huge they are 21 1/2in !!) The main desicion will be the boarder fabric..and there is just a bit of applique on that..LOL

I have started up with my Sally post blocks again and am using this new (old) method called back basting if you click on the word it will bring you to an excellent tutorial by Gayle at Sentimental stitches you will see her tutorials on the left of her site. It is the perfect technique for the Sally Post quilt.
I am currently tracing the patterns on the back of the fabric and then reselecting my fabrics I was not happy with the fabric choices I had to go with the background. It will be more of a "prim" color. I am very excited about this method which is new to me and will hope to post some pics soon!!

Sew piecefully my friends..
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  1. very nice. I have never heard of this designer. I will click on the link and learn some more. sounds interesting.

  2. Thank you Deb for the Birthday Wishes and also for the link to Gay - I may just try that on my Dear Jane. The tutorial is very informative and very well done.....Thanks again! Jo-Ann

  3. Stunning blocks! I've always wanted to make that quilt, bought the book. But.... I didn't want to get into another BOM until I had finished Baltimore Country Cousin. One day! Beautiful blocks!

  4. I am going to be starting on the same quilt in my applique group next month. I am just doing the blocks in the corners and a border. Yours is great looking so far.

  5. Wow! Lots happening since I last checked in!
    Country Sunshine blocks looking great!
    That back basting tute you've link to looks great! Something I will have to try! Thanks!
    Your Dear Jane blocks are looking wonderful! 8-)
    Happy stitchings!

  6. This is stunning - takes my breath away!


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