Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cyber Row Robin to Norway

I finished my round on this Robin that has been going around all over the world. It is called our International one cause it has travelled from Ireland to Canada and now to Norway. The middle is gorgeous with special thread art and wonderful piecing..and then it carried with those wonderful paper pieced sail boats on until the last row which I had to create.
I wanted to keep with the oceanic theme so had to find a pattern that was suitable. I found this pattern in the book by Judy Hopkins 501 blocks it is called "Sail Boats" When I was young we lived on Lake St Clair and on Sat mornings there was a gondola of Sail boats that used to sail while we cleaned house and I used to watch all the different sails. So I thought I would have my Sat mornings depicted as the last row. Also you will see there is a bar between each of the sails one N, S, E and West. That way the person that receives this will never loss their way.
The fabric was perfect with the many flags that are flying "international row robin" and the waves that the sail boats are coasting on. I picked up the fabric on Sat at Cock a Doodle Quilts during their "Super Bolt Sale" (the place was packed) and remembered Jo Anne still had those fun summer fabrics on one of her displays..(thank goodness)
I hope the lady that receives this round robin likes it..These Cyber row robins and round robins are the best... we may post pics but it never truly shows how the quilt looks until you get to look at it in real life. I have been in a couple of these and I must say if you ever get the chance do join one or 2 and challenge yourself.. you can do it.. if I can you surely can..
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  1. What a great addition to this round robin! Perfect fabric. Janet

  2. I love it! All the rr's in this group are wonderful. What excellent work! Shirley

  3. perfect addition! I love yur fabric choice.

  4. The quilt is beautiful. I have participated in row and round robins in my guild. The reveal is always so great to see.

  5. Absolutely inspiring! You sure picked the right fabric there Deb!


  6. Perfect work.Blue with the white are here incredible.


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