Sunday, February 1, 2009

Trial and error

really the pic doesn't do it justice. This poor quilt sat there and sat there..I don't like purple (my mother neither) so we have called it the "ugly quilt" we all have one...or maybe 2 it depends on how many quilts we get done.

The only reason I made this quilt was to try a technique that Fons and Porter had posted a long time ago.. about 3 years ago (due to past experience with them now I don't buy or promote them any longer that is why there is no link but I have to say where I got the pattern from).

This is a quilt that is supposed to look like you are looking through the window to see a garden... well I should have picked better fabrics. I wanted to post it though to prove that we are not all perfect that there is trial and long as we learn and conquer or journey of quilting is worth travelling.

As I am typing this I get to look at this.... she has the look of disdain!! as you can see the cat in the hat is laughing at her. The quilt she is on is a strippy I made with some scraps in my barrel I thought I would be able to put a dent in it.. didn't touch it!! in fact the scraps have only multiplied!!


  1. The quilt does not look bad to me.
    Will you be donating it to charity?

  2. Deb, it doesn't look that bad. Good for you finishing it, I'm afraid I'm not that self-disciplined. I usually end up giving away my "mistakes"! It's amazing how our taste changes over time.

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  4. Heh, can I change my name to "charity"?

    The fabrics are beautiful, but I understand that the pattern may have been better served with others. It is at least a decently-sized block so the beautiful fabs are showcased well.

    Oh, and about F&P? Me, too.

    Tracy in SW WA

  5. What is it about scraps, only the ugly ones multiply. If we are hording a really neat piece, it goes quickly.
    I think the quilt looks great, but I love purple.

  6. Oh boy my MIL would have loved your quilt ... she loved everything purple. The purple quilt in my signature block was made for her during her illness. It came back to me upon her passing.

    No quilt is ever really ugly ... someone, somewhere will love it.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Come on summer with your hot hot weather. LOL

  7. LOL .... and I've seen that barrel of yours .... it would take more than one quilt to even make a dent in it!

  8. Deb - as I am into bright colors, I really like the quilt. Your work is outstanding and I am proud to be your friend. You amaze me in all you accomplish. Isn't it wonderful that people with different talents can be come friends? Shirley


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