Friday, February 13, 2009

the ties that bind

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This is a bear that my cousin made. My mother commissioned her to make one for my 40th birthday.. I just love her to pieces. Her adoption papers says Rose which is appropriate for Valentines.. but I call her Ruby after my grandmother.. I think Ruby suites her better.

Ruby is sitting beside a Koala bear.. this bear was given to me by a lady I met in a conference last year and I was lucky toget one of these bears. She was a representitive of a fraternal organization I belong to. I thought that it was appropriate to send a little heart warming her way with all that is going on in Australia. The Koala is holding on to a heart pin. I stripped pieced these babies for my mother and then found these jewelled hearts that we stuck on. I made many and mother would help sew the other end up after I turned them right side in they are very very easy to make.. one day I will do a tutorial..

The 2 miniatures that are displayed are what I received when I visited other quilt guilds quilt shows. The red and white was not labelled (sad) and so I have learned from now on I will mark where and when I rec'd it. I bought 5 bucks worth of tickets and put them all in one basket. The bench Ruby is on is from a yard sale for 2bucks I have a minute collection of bears and that is their party place.

I hope that everyone has a lovely Valentine's and also thinks of our less fortunate. I hope that Ruby puts a little cheer on your face as she does mine.

Some people have a long weekend this weekend (not me) drive safe and enjoy our spring like weather...there is barely any snow here!! just a few ice mountains..

Sew piecefully


  1. What a sentimental gift to have a bear made just for you.
    I know you will treasure it forever.

  2. Popping in to say Hello and wish you a Happy Valentine's Day. I think Ruby is a perfect name for your lovely bear. She's just beautiful and how lucky to get her.
    I have several special bears also, they wander from place to place when I'm not looking.
    Love the BOMs on the sidebar? Are you doing all of them??? *VBS* Just askin'. Hugs, Finn

  3. Awww, Ruby (Rose) is a beautiful proper looking bear! She looks like she is waiting for you with great anitcipation! How cute!!!! What a special gift by your cousin from you mother!!
    Love the accessories and koala around her, too. Nice picture! Love your BLOG!!!!!!!!! Hugs!Gnomatter

  4. Lucky you! My Grandmother's name is Ruby too!

  5. I love your beary picture for Valentine's Day. Ruby is a very special bear indeed!
    Have a great weekend! :o)

  6. I love your beary picture for Valentine's Day. Ruby is a very special bear indeed!
    Have a great weekend! :o)

  7. Ruby, don't look now, but there is an imposter next to you!!!
    They are not-a-bears!!!
    Silly beak-nosed tree huggers!
    How dare they call themselves bears!



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