Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I miss you all!!

I am not able to post pictures to my blog of what I have been poor pc has been in the shop for almost a month..I brought it do to some viral issues and then they didn't fix it so brought it back and now there are other issues..they are fixing it but it is taking some time.
I have been making things 30 6" repo blocks for a swap for a repo group on yahoo, 50 4 patch posie blocks for a stack and whack group on , and now on to 10 Asian girls from just scroll on her side and you will see all her wonderful patterns and free BOM's..this is with a group I have taken pictures cause I fear that when I get my pc these will all be done and gone...probably have my new ones..
So I miss you all but have been following your wonderful winterlands and BOM, quilts and also quilting.
I am down to 2 of my AMG blocks and have started # 4 of Love letters...


  1. Ugh! Computer issues are no fun at all. I feel for you! But at least things are sounding sunny in the sewing room. You've definitely been busy! :)

  2. We've missed you Deb. So glad to see you were able to post today. Keep sewing. We're waiting to see all those projects you've been working on.

  3. Bummer about the computer! We have really come to depend on ours. Hope you get yours back soon and it's all fixed. Being without a computer does give you a little more sewing time though *grin*

  4. We miss you too! I just had a virus on my computer that was not pleasant. Looking forward to seeing your work again.

  5. Hope your computer comes through OK! You applique is lovely!

  6. I hate it when technology is sick. I have been through enough of that lately to know. I hope things work out a bit better with your computer once they figure out whats wrong with it


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