Friday, February 12, 2010

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this blog is doing the most fantastic BOM for applique lovers.. now you will have to get it from the sidebar I am not able to put it on my sidebar till I get my pc.. but she is currently demonstrating how to make a feathered get on over and take a boo..

I am off to my parents this weekend for a visit and will be sewing up some sampler blocks mom has done through one of the stores.. 10$ Saturdays.. if you make all your blocks your quilt will cost you only 10$ I wish we had that in Toronto... Saturday Samplers were always fun!!

so have a great weekend looking forward to the opening of the Olympics and a nice visit with mom and dad..


  1. I found that blog a couple of weeks ago. She has the greatest tutorials. Happy Valentine's Day. Enjoy your weekend with mom and dad.

  2. Hey Deb!

    We have one at Cock A Doodle - it's the $10.00 Christmas Club! and Hobby Horse has a few of them also....

    Ours is from a Christmas Book and it's all applique for Christmas - Elaine is teaching it and it's really cute...

    Have a great time with your parents this weekend and Happy Valentine's Day.


  3. Deb hope you had a good weekend. You will enjoy the bride. WE all seem to even if some (me) are very slow.
    Thanks for joining my infant blog.

  4. I just recently found that blog and it is good. Have a great time away.

  5. thank you for the link the quilt photo is beautiful.


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