Sunday, March 21, 2010

National Quilting Day Celebration

I know I am late..but I figure that the celebration is for the weekend and what better way then visiting blogs and working on your own projects

Do you remember when I said that I won't be doing any more swaps for the year? as they say famous last words... I initiated the one below a yahoo group Cyberquilters posted a pattern

Snowglobes!! well I could not resist so I brought it forward to one of my forums. Quilters last resort as a theme "Christmas in July" these are wonderful to make and easy we are only fusing them and the recipient will be able to applique them this way you can be continuous in your thread and stitch..are they not adorable!! I used Laurel Birch fabric
The fusing is called soft fuze and it is fantatic to work with I was able to get some at Cockadoodle quilts
Jo Ann was teaching a wonderful class go to her site and you can click on her blog she has great pictures of show and share and what's always new at the shop!! Here are all the snow globes on the wall I would like to make these as another type theme maybe a travelling them...

Next I needed a carry all for my applique I bought this gorgeous fabric at Sew Sisters for only 5.99 a meter so I bought enough for the backing of my Reaching for the Stars quilt and thought I would also make a applique carry case you can see I made it large enough to fit my Love Letter blocks...

Now don't shake your head at me this IS the last swap that is it..I could not resist this gem either the same forum Quilters Last Resort another friend of mine initiated these blocks for a swap. There are 3 different blocks I chose this one cause I had a wonderful blue for the boy we are fusing but not sewing this way we can again use what thread we would like for uniformity.

Now how easy is that??

Here is the design wall with all the guys together...I just love them!!

So in between working nights this weekend I was able to get these done I have until the end of June for these but I still have to sign them

By reading all of the blogs I am following everyone is busy getting their last bit of sewing in before the nice weather comes and we have to be outside.. I start my 2 weeks days and tomorrow I am hitting the gym to try to get ride of some of this winter fat... thanks for visiting.. I hope everyone else had a great weekend


  1. Fantastic! Wonderful! Lovely! what more can I say.. I love the fabric of both swaps... can hardly wait to get them....

  2. Those swaps look like great fun! It will be interesting to see the blocks you receive, won't it.

  3. Perhaps you could do a snow globe swap with state fabrics or for those of us out of the USA we could make snow globes using fabrics to represent our country

    Your work is all looking great, well done!

  4. Great swaps Deb......wonder what next swap will catch your eye ROFL.


  5. Love the snow globes - and everything else!

  6. Love those snow globes and your other swap blocks .... it really is hard to resist joining. Great idea for your applique carry along.

  7. Espetacular!!!
    Lindo, lindo, lindo...

  8. I love your snow globes and the other blocks as well! Absolutely gorgeous fabric you picked up at Sew Sisters!

  9. Famous "last swap" words... lol!

    Your snowglobes are wonderful, as are the "boys"! Wonderful!

    Happy stitchings!

  10. I love these blocks! Fabulous fabulous colours and the layouts...excellent!
    I love that little shop too! The prices are awesome.
    Peggi took me to that shop when we went to the quilt show a few weeks back.


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