Monday, March 8, 2010

Swaps are such fun!!

Well I have also signed up for a couple of swaps and got my blocks done...a while ago I would say but now I am posting them as well
I belong to a Repo Fabric group on Yahoo trying to learn as much as I can and we were to make 6" block a group of ten without using a muslin or plain background...these are the three blocks I made.
My resource was the Judy Hopkins book 501 Quilt Blocks it has many of the old blocks designed in many sizes. I just love this book...

the one above is called Farm Friendliness...
The one above is called Picket Fences

the one above is my favorite I love how the block makes a secondary pattern when put together. it is called Crosses and Losses I know I should have displayed them better but they have already gone to the swap coordinator
I am also in a stack and whack swap on Connecting Threads we were to make 50, 10in blocks and send them in so you can see some of them below..the fabric is by Designer Carol Doak- Floral Affair -Autumn.. I know I loved it cause I bought the whole bolt at Sew Sisters I am going to make a Star of Elegance quilt as well with this fabric and do some Broiderie Perse on the outside this fabric is perfect for it...beautiful Broiderie Perse swags!!!

Well I think that is about it for now I will be showing some applique sometime this was nice to cut and sew some fabrics and see some accomplishment..applique can be a little tedious when you don't see results fast enough. I have one more quick piece I will show you later in the week.
Now to go downstairs and get my dlink working.. this is about all the pictures I have uploaded on my DH pc' the thing is just so slow.. I got places to go people to see and blogs to visit!!
If you want to visit any of the places I mentioned just click on the lightly colored text it will bring you there..
Until next time stay healthy and hope you are able to get some show and share in..


  1. Fifty Stack & Whacks to swap? FIFTY? Holy cow!

    But-but-but -- They're so beautiful, how can you give them up?

  2. I love your swap blocks. Such pretty colors, great job.

  3. Love the repro blocks, not using muslin is a clever idea and certainly makes you think a lot more. That wild floral will make lovely Broderie Perse!

  4. 50 blocks for a swap??? Oy yoy yoy.

  5. Great blocks, the top one is my favorite :0). I can't imagine making 50 blocks and then giving them away!!


  6. Wow, so many blocks, they are just lovely. Keep stitching!

    Blissfully Stitching,

  7. Gorgeous work Deb! looking forward to seeing what comes next

  8. Your fabrics and blocks look fabulous. Wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and came to repay the visit. See you again soon.

  9. Wow, that stack and whack is really nice. Looking forward to seeing some applique.

  10. You are making 50 blocks -- okay. But, then you are GIVING THEM AWAY!
    Oh, my gosh... I don't think I could stand to do that. I have been in some swaps and have been utterly disappointed in the quality of the goods I received. The quality I gave (at least I think) were very good and so I just don't do it anymore. I hope you know the people you are swapping with. If you do, that makes it easier. Very vibrant, wonderful fabrics you've used.

  11. All awesome blocks, especially those stack and whacks! Very nice! 8-)


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