Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New BOM -Carol Doak

If you like paper piecing you are going to love Carol Doak's new BOM free in Yahoo click on the title of this blog. Carol is designing wonderful BOM (June is up) and connector blocks that are just going to absolutely be a perfect start for those that want to use them for other quilts as well..
Join in... it is free and there are numerous other patterns she has with swaps, and other free patterns. This is a very active group all to do with Carol Doak patterns and products they always have something(s) going on.

My pc is still not functioning but I am going to "borrow" DH pc and get some pictures up.. I have been going crazy with making somemore Swap blocks.. I know I know but I can't help it!! I had said no more but really I can't help it.. this is irresistable

now I don't know if you want something simple to do you have to go and visit Molly she has a wonder BOM going on with different primitive trees I am sure you would love to do for summer

Well just wanted to let you know I am still here and to bring some good quilty news...pc goes back in the shop and so we will see if we can get'er fixed right!!


  1. We are all lost now without our computers, aren't we? So much of our lives is on them! Hope yours is fixed soon.

  2. Thanks for the heads up about the BOM. I went over there and signed up for the group. I'm determined to master this technique.

  3. I am joining in on this one. I will be ordering the fabric. I think it will be fantastic! As soon as EQ7 arrives, I will be playing with it!

  4. I've started Simply Radiant and am loving it!

  5. Hi - we have missed your blog - hopefully your computer is better soon!

  6. I love your little "Scrap Lover" quilt.


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