Sunday, June 6, 2010

posting a little something

How about this quilt!! my mom was in a BOM and she made 2 of them (my Dad's blocks) to my surprise and delight she gave me (Dad's) blocks we spent one Saturday putting all the blocks together (both quilts) with the corner stones and sashing...we hadn't decided on a boarder yet..I told Mom we needed something billowy, big flowers...well I went to Sew Sisters she had the boarder fabric on her 6.99 I bought the whole bolt so that we could use it for both our quilts and the lovely green fabric as well..used for the inner boarder...

I started cutting the prairie points and ironing hoping to have them done by the next time Mom and Dad came..but didn't...well I must say there was a little quilter in my home while I slept and worked.. she got allllll the points on both quilts!!

Awesome job Mom.. those points are perfect and they really make the quilt...
Don't they look great with that boarder fabric....we couldn't get so lucky the boarder fabrics was perfect for the quilt..I can't help but admiring her piecing too... my mom is really a beginner but I think now she should fall under intermediate.

I have been busy making baskets as well for .....yes another block swap I am in... I have to make 30 of them in repro fabrics 10 of each pattern.. I love the hanging basket one.. those little triangles are 1in finished!! I have started the other one...

These are the 3 baskets I am now on my third ones and it is called Tulip in the basket..this one is trying my patience..I have so sew very very slowly..but it is also my favorite one. All these patterns are out of the 501 quilt blocks by Judy Hopkins this is an excellent resource to have in your quilters library

I am using scraps out of my barrell and as you can see the recent scraps of the quilt above....kinda designing it as I go along... poor top was sitting for so long I thought I would put a boarder on it and practice my hand quilting on it...those hearts are on 1 1/2in squares...
I was working on a "misfit" quilt these are some of the blocks I had hanging around.. I did some work on it and have put it away has changed since this picture already will pull it out and see again.. this one will be something to really contemplate is from scraps in the barrell too...

an introduction to my girl Britnee.. she is now 13yrs (part Bouvier/Sheppard) she is my little geriatric girl...this is her station when her Da is there eating knowing some will come her way...her hearing is going, she is on anti inflammatories and urinary retention pills...she has lots of grey and her eyes are cloudy...but when I get home from work she is like a puppy running in circles happy to see me home...I love this girl she has been through thick and thin with me...I know I have talked about the cats but I don't think Brit got her debute...later I will show you were she likes to sleep..
Well my PC is back in the shop and they are going to work on it for free.. so hopefully whatever they do it is fixed.. my EQ7 is coming soon and I want to play...
DH let me use his pc to upload shots and give you an idea of what has been going on... thanks for your wonderful patience please stand by we will be in commission soon enough...


  1. There is just too much eye candy for me to absorb it all. I love it all!!!

    I am getting my EQ this week too. I never even used my EQ6. LOL!

  2. Wow great quilt top! Complete with Prairie Points to boot! Awesome! 8-)
    Your mom should indeed graduate to the intermediate level! She's done great!
    Wow! A lot of effort going into those basket blocks, especially the ones with the tiny HSTs!! Great blocks! 8-)
    Tiny heart blocks there! Cute wall-quilt! 8-)
    A misfit quilt... how fitting a name! lol! I like it! 8-)
    A trusted friend that Brit must be... A good old age too!
    Happy stitchings!

  3. Your Mum has definitely passed the beginner stage! Nice to see Britnee again, she's not doing too badly for an oldie is she.
    Love those little basket blocks, they are so pretty! When the swap is done will you have enough to make a basket sampler quilt?

  4. Great quilts and blocks!! I have been quilting 20 years and still haven't tried a prairie point...kudos to your mom!!

    I can hardly wait for EQ7!!


  5. Wonderful quilt Deb, and your basket blocks are looking great.
    Britnee looks like a real sweetie. It is so hard when their bodies start to show their age, but their minds are still as young as ever.I guess that could apply to a few of us as well. lol

  6. Terrific star quilt top and I love the baskets!

  7. Love you moms quilt.. great job on all those praire points. Love your doggy...

  8. Great quilts...We have two dogs that we feel that way about...both are getting older too. I hate that!
    Yours is so cute!

  9. I'm so happy to have found your lovely blog! I adore your work!~the quilt you did with your mom (dad's blocks) is so incredible! ALLLLLL thos prairie points!!!!
    that border fabric was perfect, made more perfect by a deal. XO

  10. Oh many prairie points! Well done gal! I enjoyed seeing your quilts and loved meeting Britnee - I'm sure she has you wrapped around her paw! Pups are special friends!

  11. Came back to take another look at this gorgeous quilt! :)
    Did you sign up for my giveaway?!!? Can't remember... it's going till midnite! :)


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