Monday, April 4, 2011

In Memory of Judy Hopkins passed Mar 9 2011

I just read very sad news today a great quilter has passed I have used her books many times for different projects I am sure you have read when I have made my swap blocks using her fantastic books for reference.
I had emailed her late last year to say how much I had enjoyed her books not expecting a response cause I am sure she received many but she did email back with exciting news that she would be coming out with a new book I couldn`t believe that I got a reply it was so kind of her...this is a great quilting loss to me.
Keep healthy quilters
I will have pictures to post later this weekend I got my wonderful mini from Micki and some other stuff will be posted.

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  1. Judy will be very much missed in the world of quilting. Let's hope her books are kept in print, as they are such wonderful references!


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