Friday, April 22, 2011

Stonehenge fabric

I never thought that I would ever buy stonehenge fabric till I saw this pattern click on the title and it will bring you there. After I saw this I went to Sew Sisters they have a wide range with great prices bought the fabric and have cut out what I needed.. all I need is the time to start sewing it.
Right now I am working on a project that requires cutting up some dresses of long ago and sewing them into a quilt. I am using a quilt as you go method. As soon as I find where the heck I put my camera I will post.

This weekend is for the Bunnies and Earth Day hope you all are able to celebrate in some way.


  1. Can't wait to see pictures :0)


  2. I needed you to email me. I wanted a pic of the mini quilt I made for you. No word on yours yet, so I wanted you to email me. This project looks neat. Have fun with it!


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