Thursday, May 26, 2011

Past Wednesday WIP`s

in my head  is still Wednesday but it is already almost Friday where did the week go!! so I am a tad late but better to start the show.
Angels are taking wing
I am currently working on these runners that are almost done wonderful angels that are soon to be in new homes. They are a Pam Bono pattern and lovely to piece.
I changed the layout a bit to match with the instructions of the person these are to go to.
The pattern gives you one of the ideas on how they can be laid out.
There is a great tree skirt to make with these angels. I had put them away for a bit because I was not sure how I was going to work them and to quilt them as well...I posted about these a while ago

A new project is on the start this is from the Fon`s and Porter mag June2011 background baskets and some of the florals are being audition at present.
Butterflies for the background and perfect basket fabric.
This quilt is being made for someone else but I think I have to make 2 more at the same time one for Mom and me.. love it.

Then I made the big mistake and browsed Connecting Threads they had books on sale for 40 % off and so I bought new projects that I want to work on... Karen Kay Buckley, Piece o`Cake and Kim Diehl, KathleenTracy  geesh then the Farmers wife and a redwork pattern that I feel in love with.. do you think I will be busy..yes yes yes but they are so delicious!!


  1. Love all your angels and what great goodies you have purchased too.

  2. What an gorgeous angelic choir! Yummy new books will have fun with them.

  3. ROFL, Isn't it awful when you stumble across a great sale? I love the books you selected. The table runners are adorable :0)


  4. I love the angels. They are incredible.

  5. beautiful! don't you just love it when you see books on sale - I always get too many and then they sit on the shelves forgotten for a long time before I use them.

  6. Love your angels, they are beautiful!! I love a good sale, yes you will be busy!!

  7. Hi, I hope that you get this comment :o)
    I'm finic with the block 2 of Country Sunchine....... had to tell you ..... lol...
    I love all of you new books/patterns and woud luuuv to have them all, too ! Hugs from Norway

  8. Love those angels. WOW so many flying around. CUTE


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