Friday, June 3, 2011

WOW`s are late again...LOL

Well it is Friday and I am posting my WOW it just shows you how fast this week flew!! This quilt had been done a couple of weeks when I had been QOTM (quilter of the month at guild) I had this as a UFO for a couple of years and when mom and I got together I cut the boarders and she was nice enough (great mom!!) to sew those flannel boarders on for me. Not easy lots of weight on those arms. Then my friend Sandy a fantastic LAQ was able to get this done in time for me to show at our guild. I put all those prairie points on and Sandy still got it quilted for me within 24hours she had to stop and start at each end and that is called custom she did fantastic!! Love the pantograh and thread that she used...always got a big hug for her.

 Then I am working on these baskets I have my fabrics all cut for the background and have started the baskets. I also have all the handles cut and am now putting them on the background I love how they are turning out. Can get this pattern from June 2011 Fons and Porter mag.

I also wanted to show you this glorious view that I get to see every spring. My mom gave me this as a sapling a couple of years ago and each year it is prettier and prettier. look at all that gorgeous pink!!
Red Bud Tree sapling was from my Mother
I also am a very big winner!! I won a package from The Quilt show and will post everything Sunday the bag is packed with goodies that I just have to share... will take pictures and post.  I didn`t want to post to many pictures at once for those on dial up...


  1. Can't wait to see the basket quilt finished. It's gonna be fabulous.

  2. Beautiful quilt!! I also love the basket blocks you are making :0)

    Hey, guess what! I'm no longer on dial up, what the heck did I do before broadband. It's good to be in the 21st century....almost LOL.


  3. Beautiful quilt. Luckybgal winning those goodies can't wait to see them.

  4. My goodness, that is a huge quilt! Love the baskets, I'm a sucker for baskets too - the butterfly fabric is such a pretty print. I had to google Rde Bud tree, we don't have them here, it is glorious indeed.

  5. Beautiful quilt! I love your basket blocks too. I see photos of Red Bud trees on other people's blogs, but I have never seen one around here. I thought it was too cold. Do you know anything about them? I must get one.

  6. you are such a busy gal....


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