Friday, June 10, 2011

is it just me

time is just flying by almost the middle of the year already!
Today is my mothers birthday so I would love to wish her a Very Happy Birthday and we will be soon celebrating together. This is a picture of mom and I together getting ready to go out to a meeting. She had not seen me in glasses before and wanted a picture with me wearing them..LOL
I may be a tad taller but everything else is just like mom. Thinking of you all day Mom talk to ya later
I have all the basket handles on the 24 baskets now just appliquing the top half. I do these at work by going early and sitting on an outside terrace it is just lovely. I have 4 of the pieced baskets done...I think I will have to buy ALL the tickets to win this one.
This picture is of me and my Dad we are currently in this wonderful Heritage Lodge that he had orchestrated to be built. It was alot of work and pulling together lots of volunteer time to put this together but on the May long weekend they had their grand opening. I am so proud of my Dad for accompishing this landmark it is the first in Ontario and he was a big part of it. It really takes a great dream to see it through to the end. People will now come to the Heritage Village in Southern Ontario and see this beautiful building. I know when I see that I will see the pride and joy that went into building this monument for Masonic Lodges in Canada.
Way to Go Dad, High Five and big hugs


  1. Happy Birthday to your Mum, hope she has a great day! What a beautiful building, Your Dad is right to be proud of his achievement.

  2. Happy Birthday to your Mom and a BIG congrats to your Dad's acheivement!! I too got stitching done at work, back in my corporate life. We quilters steal whatever moments we can :0)

    Lovely to see your smiling face too!!


  3. What great parents you are lucky to have.Your Dad has left quite a legasy. Happy birthday to your Mom and many more.

  4. Happy Birthday to your mom!
    I love those basket blocks, just perfect!
    I am a huge fan of basket quilts.
    can't wait to see more.
    congrats to your Dad too, what a wonderful thing for him to do


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