Wednesday, June 29, 2011

little by little

 my baskets are growning...i have not appliqued them but they are prepped to start. I still have to put the centre in the flowers as well...I love how they are turning out...
This is my mothers gorgeous garden (a very small portion of it) This is a Dogwood she has and it just flowered beautifully check out the hostas...
I had worked a night and mom had to drive us back to her house along the way she surprised me by stopping at this beach. I can`t remember when I took time to stop and put my feet in the sand. This was wonderful we laughed and the waves were big enough to get our pants wet...this was Lake Erie we found rocks and picked up a few to take home as a memory.
Today is my Dad`s birthday, I hope he had a wonderful day, I was not able to reach him personally but sang my Birthday song (he will tell me to keep my day job I am sure). It was a perfectly lovely day here not to hot but it is supposed to get warm for our wonderful weekend
HAPPY CANADA DAY everyone!! and also a wonderful Independence Day to all our American Friends...stay safe and hope you get a day to do a little quilting.


  1. Deb, your baskets are really looking good as is your Mother's garden.

    I do so miss the great lakes - nothing quiet like them.

  2. Best wishes for Canada Day! Love your applique baskets, they are turning out beautifully. Everyone needs to run barefoot in sand occasionally, don't you think?

  3. I'm lovin' your baskets. How fun to walk on a beach, I haven't done that in a long long time!!


  4. the baskets look great........happy Canada Day.......


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