Monday, June 13, 2011

no is not the answer

when a friend says lets make a quilt together. I don`t know if you all remember Monika but she suggested we make a quilt for a friend of ours and we have trouble getting together due to shift work we were finally able to set a date. We got together yesterday and sewed some of these kitties that we are making as the quilt, as you can see it is very very scrappy. We want our friend to be totally entertained with each of these kitties, she has kitties herself so she will love it.
As you can see Monika is holding up the pattern it is from an old McCall`s Magazine Oct 2000 (that is why I don`t get rid of my mags)see what we did so far what is great is we are using both our fabrics and we are very different yet they go together so well.  I love this picture of Monika she looks so summery and happy.
After Monika left I kept going and finished the ones I had cut so we have a great head start on it. Monika has gone home with her little pile of background. We are using Muslin so that there is some resting area..LOL
do they not look cool!! if you want you can click on the picture and see what fabrics you probably have. We only have about 46 blocks more to go 1/2 way there already. I know that not one block will be the same...
Then we have this poor poor tie. My DH has asked me if it is done yet. He gave it to me to put a couple of stitches in about 3 weeks it is not done yet.. maybe tonight (I have only said that for the last 2 weeks) Don`t they know what priorities are when quilting??

Well have a great week...
This is a very late post. but just found my camera (had been using DH) I had this picture on it. When I lost my Dear Brit in Mar my friend Mary sent this wonderful bouquet of flowers. It was totally unexpected...but that is what friends do it was perfect at that time because it really brought spring into the home.
Don`t I have great friends!! well there is going to be a couple of quilty friends coming over on Thursday and then I have my mom so probably will not be on for about another week. I am getting better with the posting though. I guess a little more the garden has not been touched yet but maybe tonight.


  1. Your friend is going to love this quilt. I remember several of these quilts being made when the magazine came out :0)

    I hear ya on the mending thing, I'll sew a king size quilt by hand but sew on a button or mend a seam?.....No Way !! LOL


  2. That's such a cute kitty has been on my (obscenely long) list for quite a while! Enjoy your day on Thursday.

  3. I absolutley LOVE that kitty quilt. Have seen it on a blog before but cannot sauce in Australia.
    So thoghtfulf your friend to sed you flowers when you were sad.

  4. Those kitties are adorable!!

  5. I'm saving that pattern too. Trouble is, going through all those magazines reminds me of all the other ones that inspire me.

  6. what a great kittie quilts. its on my to do list already for a long time.

  7. What a cut quilt your friend will love it. Nice to visit you from Esther's hugs Bunny


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