Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I am not supposed to be here

in the mini world right now
I am busy working on a few things been busy going to quilt shows and dealing with some real life things.

I had a V8 moment this week. Knew I had a guild meeting, thought for sure it was Wednesday, all organized, report for Office, baked a cake, had some show and share and my triangles to hand it only to  find out that it was last night.

now you see why I had time to post, I thought I was to be somewhere else, is this what happens when you get close to 50?


  1. Yes, that is what happens. gets worse. ;)

  2. The parking was a nightmare and even my husband had a hard time getting out after dropping me off. Too bad you missed the meeting but follow her blog and you'll see some of her work.

  3. What? Senior moments already? At least you found out before going at a different time. It is much worse to make two trips when the first one is for nothing.


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