Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Merry, merry, merry merry

I belong to Kathleen Tracey`s Yahoo Group Small Talk it is mini`s that she designs and it is very very productive. We had a mini swap, this came last night as I was going out to a Christmas party. I am not a social-light so I was apprehensive about going. (gained 30lbs and only have one dress that fits I miss walking my dogs)  Well DH heard the door bell as I was trying to get ready and yelled down there is a parcel! With all the decorum that I have I stood in the stairwell and opened this gorgeous gift. Faith made this for me is it not incredible...yes incredible

 I also did a little background check and found that she was from a town that Lucille Ball is from and Faith sent me some Vitameatavegamin`s do you not remember Lucy`s show on these!! I was so happy to get something that made me remember such great happy times Lucy was one of my icons.
Then I see these wonderful Xmas magnets and a fantastic thread holder look how well made all these items are and see 2 spools of applique thread. (well I think they are for applique cause I use that thread for such purpose, they will go in my Thread holder I bought when I had a class with Karen Kay Buckley but what is interesting Faith picked 2 of the threads I did not have (you don`t know my thread collection) perfectly planed on her part.

The best part of it all is this huge decorative box she had put everything in see that great hand cream Faith also sent! it is perfect with this weather and washing my hands all the time a work. Here is me trying to post a picture to be a little more presentable. I took, Emily down (she was my Grandmothers doll) Emily wanted to present everything she kept looking down at me and said can I touch the quilt? it is so beautiful I need to touch it...I told her she can hold it, she does a great job presenting it is the photographer who needs some training..LOL
Now I know I said I wasn`t going to post until after the holidays but I have one more swap item coming and so you may see another one. I got up especially to show you the treasures you can receive with online swaps and friends..hugs to Faith which I am sorry to say has no blog!


  1. Lovely little quilt that Faith made you. And, how wonderful all of the little extras are for you. Love your little doll. I can tell you enjoyed your swap. Bonnie/Va.

  2. Visiting from the Small Quilts group which I recently joined (hope to more active after the holidays) Love your little quilt...the colors, the design...everything!

    Have a wonderful Christmas.

  3. What a wonderful swap! I love that little quilt and the other things were really thoughtful. (And I love Emily - I love dolls and I'll never be too old for them.)

  4. What a gorgeous little quilt, just right for Emily too! The extra goodies are a bonus, aren't they.

  5. Simply beautiful swap gifts, Deb! What a wonderful early Christmas present. Enjoy!

  6. Gorgeous gifts .... keep everything together as we need to see them next time we meet!

  7. Very nice doll quilt..I love to make them too!!

    I am new to your blog and enjoyed viewing older posts....I will visit again, soon!

    Carolyn :)


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