Wednesday, December 28, 2011

SSCS and just plain glee!!

My apron from Kerry and basket of goodies from neighbours and my gift from honey dearest

Kerry was my SSCS she not only made my SS gift but also followed my blog and made a special BD gift. I am wearing it. Don`t you just love my apron! I do those bells are precious lucky it covers that belly (that is my new year resolution, get fit!! this picture is embarrassing but I couldn`t get my DH to model)

The other gift was left from my neighbours many goodies and essentials were inside it is on the chair and then the package on the table was from DH I got the best pj`s from Marks Warehouse that I wanted you know the jersey fabric just love it.

Below you can see the fabulous hand bag Kerry made as well as my pincushion and needlecase. The buttons are gorgeous. Kerry also sent me one of her books with great patterns and signed by herself...isn`t it just awesome!! The 2 cards are quite unique as well the one that has a quilt on it is created by Roalie Quinlan, the other with the picture of bales of hay is actually a card designed by  Chookyblue very cool I would say a little bit of everyone.

I was even thrilled by the wrapping paper it made me giggle the one with the cats and dogs would make a great little quilt hanging.. a thought..
Kerry`s wonderful bag and needlecase, pincushion and signed personal book

I loved the wrapping paper she used too
Kerry I just can`t thank you enough for all the thought you put into these gifts thanks again.. and thanks to Chooky for letting me join at the last minute cause they needed another international..I was lucky my fingers typed fast enough
This is something that I am working on one more swap...just one more
I am working on one more swap for the new year this is what I have so far it is nothing like what it will turn out like you will be surprised
 Remember those earrings I was talking about well these are it..Storm at Sea pattern you can go to Metal Arts to see what other earrings they have. I really love these. Then to add to the bonus Mom pulled out these gorgeous snowmen aren`t they just precious.. 3 more weeks...just 3 more and I can where them.
Remember my incentive for my ears, the top are what I can`t wait to wear the snowman are a bonus from mom too.
See below.. this is the audience that was in front of me at mothers house as you can see they are all waiting...for what you ask...the big giant toy from with the kitty toy that is like a fishing pool with raffia or fabric at the end...this picture is deceiving the one in the middle Fuzzy is a very big cat his brother Toby is right beside him on the right then there is sweet Ruby closest to me.

Ruby nearest to me was having Debbie withdraw, Mom said she was sleeping by my door when I was gone...poor girl. Dad said that it was just to quiet in the house now...I am a little noisy.
The best Christmas gift for me was the neighbours dog Trixie has gone to a good home, she was neglected for long periods of time and this stressed my parents which stressed me. Life is wonderful!

Ruby, Fuzzy and Toby


  1. What lovely goodies! Love the kitties, they are all gorgeous. Did you know Kerry lives about 45 minutes from me? Her shop is just lovely.

  2. Hi Deb............glad you joined in too..........a lovely parcel from Kerry........thanks for being part of the SSCS......

    Also got a text from Fiona and she will be in touch when she is online again if you haven't heard from her the internet is down........

  3. What great gifts you got .... and I can see you wearing that apron next time you serve us lunch!

    Sweet kitties and I can see why they miss you .... they are probably so spoiled by you!

  4. Hello Deb, I see that you had a great Xmas. I am the redhead, Sandra Rocca from the Brampton Quilter's guild. We met at interguild and again at our show last May! I cannot believe that I happened upon your blog!! Hope all is well! Send me an email and we can catch up! Happy New Year!

  5. If that is apple core pieces, I am in big trouble!!! Maryk

  6. Hi Deb,
    Thanks for visiting... you too have been very spoilt.. It is such a great swap....
    I adore your kitties too...

  7. Deb, thankyou so much for my SSCS gift - I absolutely love it! I have been away for a couple of days but really wanted to say thankyou! I can't find your email so if you could email me that would be great! Your little quilt is just so gorgeous! I'm one very lucky girl and thankyou also for the beautiful extra gifts you included!! Just gorgeous! Happy New Year to you and your family!


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