Sunday, November 18, 2012

Virtual Retreat Today

I woke up Friday Morning to find 2 squishes on the table upstairs both from 2 seperate swaps

This was the 1812 swap the blocks were fabulous! This was done on the Quilt with Us Swap group hosted by Connecting Threads so 200am on Sat I was up picking fabric for the layout I decided to use. you can see the gold above and then the blue below

I pieced and put the blocks up on the board I wanted it bigger and had 15 blocks how was I going to lay it out....hmmmmm

This was my end decision. My neighbour was raking leaves in the morning so I commissioned him to hold up the you can see we had a lovely day

I also have lots of the boarder fabrics left so I made my first ever pillows! this is the place where they will all live happily, after I quilt the top. There is a youtube tutorial to make them just google hotdog, or sausage pillowcase...many many tutorials acutally.

I was also got my leaves back all 64 in repro CW fabrics and they are aweseome too. All 64 of them.
 This was done through Kathleen Tracey`s Yahoo group Small Talk. This is a very active group and they are currently making a mini a month from Kathleen`s books
Not to worry though I have plans for these babies too I don`t think they will be sitting around long either

Thought I would post some close ups. Doesn`t it look like fall!! 
Well I gotta get outta here and get to work you all have sweet dreams...


  1. Wow -- you got those 1812 blocks assembled FAST! The top looks great with the strippy setting. Glad you like your maple leaves. I hope you didn't get any duplicates. Can't wait to see what you're going to do with them!
    Jeanne :)

  2. Oh my but you have been productive! I would hate to admit how little my project has progressed since reading your last post.

  3. Love those leaves, they are beautiful! And the vintage strippy looks very authentic.

  4. beautiful!! nice to have a neighbor willing to hold up the quilt also :)

  5. Hi Deb,
    I see my maple leaf block! Center square is gold with a white swirl line, top leaves are green and orange, black background. How fun!! I'm still waiting for mine to arrive. I love what you did with your other blocks. Great quilt and the pillow cases look perfect.

  6. Gorgeous,Debra,gorgeous! You sure put the top together quickly! Love those maple leaf blocks!

  7. Oooh, beautiful quilt top! Such a classic lay-out but so perfect for your blocks. Your leaf blocks are very sweet too. Can't wait to see what you do with them!

  8. I stopped by to see your blocks. I have always liked the maple leaf blocks. There are more than one version of the block pattern. They can be so very scrappy in beautiful fall colors.

  9. I love the way you put together the cot quilt. It looks so good with those pillow cases.
    Your leaf swap blocks are gorgeous! I look forward to seeing how you set them together.

  10. oh love your quilt so nice of your neighbor to hold it , ah yes it does look like a wonderful day outside and then I see your leaf blocks and think wow your really talking fall colors there!
    they are so pretty
    can't wiat to see how you will make them into a quilt
    very fun!
    thanks for sharing

  11. That 1812 quilt looks fantastic. You did a great job with those pillow cases! I love all the maple leaves too! So colourful!

  12. I love your maple leaf blocks- very fun- very pretty with all that variety- just like real leaves. Here in Alberta there is lots of that white stuff on the ground and has been for about 3 weeks.
    It has been a fun blogathon thru Sew Sisters. I am enjoying meeting so many Canadian bloggers- lots to be inspired by all across Canada.
    Regards from Edmonton,


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