Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I got some beautiful orchids as a gift they look better in real life, I love the instructions I water once a week by putting 3 ice cubes on the dirt
Still quilting the quilt
I really wanted to show this hydrangea look at those colours.
Did I tell you this one was my favourite
okay one more picture
oh you didn`t see it that clearly one more
I also decided with my swap blocks that I rec`d 2 years ago on a layout. I couldn`t decide whether to put sashing on them or not. I decided not to. I got these 6in blocks on a swap and then added the hole in the barn door this pattern was inspired by the pattern in MacCall`s Quilting June 2007
There is still a pieced boarder to put on that is pinwheel. You can see some of the blocks if you click on the picture. I had no where to hang it at the moment
I don`t know if you can see it any better on the bed…when I get the boarders on I will hang it maybe sometime this week.
It`s been busy quilt show season is upon us so you know where I`ve been but gotta say I have not travelled far. Usually I will travel up to 3 hours to see a show but time and funding has been very limited this year.


  1. That's a pretty orchid.....and I love the colours of the hydrangea! Your block swap quilt has turned out fabulously and so is the one you are quilting - looking forward to seeing it when it's finished..

  2. What gorgeous orchids! And your quilt you are working on is a beauty. I just love the wonderful fabrics you are using.

    Love those photos of the hydrangea. So pretty:)

  3. love those orchids and the quilt on the bed!

  4. Beautiful orchid! I've used that ice cube method in the past. It kept them alive, but they didn't bloom very much. I do a deep watering by immersing the whole pot in a sinkful of water every few weeks. Lovely quilting! The pinwheel quilt looks fantastic! And that hydrangea is very beautiful on these grey days of November.

  5. Debra, I think setting those swap blocks into the Hole in the Barn door was complete genius! What a great way to tie together so many disparate blocks. It looks amazing. Great job!

  6. I love the way you set all those blocks. Hole in the Barn Door has always been one of my favorite blocks. Have you decided how you're going to quilt it?

  7. Oh fabulous .... you are getting er done! Lovely orchids!

  8. you need to make a quilt with colors from the hydrangea... beautiful ... love the way you did your blocks in that quilt...

  9. Oh...i whis that my Thimbelberries quilt was sew'n togheter, too. I have'nt sew the first block yet.....:o( Here I'm lurking around and not let you know....sorry for not leaving comments. Hugs Lena


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