Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Quilters Christmas starts early

I was lucky to be able to sew with a friend last weekend we have both started BH Easy Street Mystery the fabrics above are Irene`s (sorry no blog) the fabrics below are far

This is a late post cause we both have all the 4patches done and are now on phase 2 Flying geese if you want to know how many of each go to Bonnie`s site. If you would like inspiration you will see that she has a Flick post of about 200 people making this quilt in different fabric choices
Another friend that is a blogger is also on the Easy Street path, surprised I read it on her blog Hetty cyber wave to ya
it is still not to late to join if you would like to dip into your stash. I am only using my stash materials not buying any have been doing well so far on that promise to myself.

Now I also had a little show and tell at Irene`s she has made a couple of Bonnie`s mysteries are they not stunning! the top picture and the bottom one

This will be my first one of Bonnie`s so I am excited cause I love mysteries. I have also all the confidence in the world that this quilt will be spectacular. I have not seen any of Bonnie`s mysteries that I have not liked but really really loved. I just hope I can do it justice with my selections cause I am not using her same colors...for thing there is purple in it...a mass amount of purple!! not my favorite color.  

Went also to Orono Quilt show with Hetty and she has shown most of the quilts on her blog so you can go visit.  I loved the quilt above it was their draw I didn`t get a call so I guess I didn`t win. It would have suited my home just perfectly

This quilt I just loved the sparkle it had with all the velvets used

I like the dimensional illusion of this scrappy quilt.
Well I had a break back to my wonderful Flying geese surprised that I am keeping up? so am I ..LOL


  1. Sometimes I wish they would do a mystery quilt foe hand piecers. Cut and chop does not work but sewing different shape pieces together might.
    Love all those quilt pictures.

  2. I was very tempted to join the Easy Street mystery quilt, but I have way too much going on right now! I'm sure yours will look great when it's finished up! Love that first scrappy quilt you have pictured too!

  3. It's fun watching the different Easy Street quilts coming to life on blogs.
    That quilt made with velvety is stunning!

  4. How did I miss this post? Cyber waving right back at ya, Deb. I seem to be keeping up with Easy Street too and that surprises me no end. I love, love, love Irene's quilts. The quilting is marvelous on the top one. Well, back to my sweat shop. I have about 20 more geese to make.


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