Thursday, December 6, 2012

What Quilters do...part 2 ES

They make room for other quilters to come and join them for some chat and sewing.That was Irene`s hand there trying to clean up before I could take this picture. It is a quilt that she is machine quilting for Christmas
See all clear for me, this was on the other side of the table
Isn`t that just acutie pattotie quilt
I had to show you how Irene has been doing her Flying Geese she told me she got the tutorial off of  The Quilt show and one of my friends also in my Canadian Yahoo group also recognized the technique and posted the link for me. 
This technique is absolutely fool proof if you are worried about points and 1/4in seams this is the perfect solution. Irene may even go one step further and sew the wing back like the cathedral windows Technique that would just look awesome to me.
This friend is very, very talented, she develops her own patterns and is now making patterns for Northcott. She is revamping her walkout basement as a sewing studio for herself too. Visit her Bambleberry Cottage Link by clicking on the name look at her patterns I am sure some of us Canadians remember her Maple Leaf Quilt. I have taken applique and the Simon Says class with Irene she is a funny and knowledgable teacher and a wonderful friend.
Doesn`t that look amazing!! its perfect ain`t it.
As for me I got allot of my geese together but I have to iron the other sided. you can see some I didn`t sew as yet…cause as a quilter I miscounted and I think I have way to many…maybe the extra can be used in my misfit quilt
here I go again I said I liked something (I am going to quit that…liking something that is) and this cook book copyrighted in 1965 but first printed 1910  was given to my by Irene it has wonderfully delicious recipes of old crusts, cakes, glazes custards. I am just thrilled!! (15lbs heavier just looking at it…LOL This book belong to her mother-in-law so it is really special to me that Irene would let me have it.
Our next get together will not be until Dec and Irene is coming over here so I better do some housekeeping…and I know she likes dates, I saw something with dates in the book...hmmmm
as I started on the top as saying what quilters do...they give and give and give Friendship, Fun and special little gifts...I am gettting one in the mail I will post when I get it....a real treasure to me anyways.
Waiting till the AM for Bonnie`s next clue can anyone guess....I have just no clue whatsoever


  1. That book looks good! Love your friend's website.....and I will have to check out that flying geese method.

  2. It was so nice of her to give you the cookbook! I'm sure you'll make her something delicious from it.

  3. I too like that method of making flying geese - but it's a bear to quilt!

  4. I just went and watched the video. Thanks for sharing. Looks like you gals are having a great time.


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