Saturday, August 15, 2015

Black Creek Pioneer Village Quilt show and guest speaker

 Karen H (click on her name to get to her blog) was guest speaker at this show this year. She is a fabulous quilt very meticulous work but also very free with how she does it and in the makings of her quilts she is just an exceptional quilter naturally.  If you go to her blog you will find free patterns and also free tutorials that is just the kind of person she is.
The quilt she is standing beside is one she did for a blogger that was testing her pattern imagine all the time it took to do this and she says sure!
 I am just going to post a little close up to her block she has the insignia of putting we bugs in the best places. I could not get to many pictures because my DH and I had to hold the quilts for her to assist there wasn`t enough manpower at the show. It was worth helping!
 You can see she also has some wall hangings and tries to explain to everyone that anyone can do this...Ha ha ha she can say that but this is why she is so popular and now going to talk at a few guilds and teach a few workshops stop by her blog she can explain more about that and also about the pioneer village show where she posted many pictures. I will post more later but don`t want to inundate you with too many photos after the lapse of posting.
 There was also a mystery challenge and me being as late as I usually am made mine but not in time so I will submit it for show next year. It is still posted here

I tried to be as scrappy as possible and used as many different fq as possible and fabrics that I had used from current other projects and this is what I came up with if you go to this site you can see more of the quilts that were done with this pattern and how unique they are.

I finally decided on a border but did not take a whole picture of the quilt will do later with another 2 that I am working on.

So I have a question. I have just finished my big spool of Aurifil thread what ideas can you come up with to use the cone. Someone said it would take 2 years to finish one of these and I chain stitch as well as not waste too much thread when piecing and I have done it within a year. CRAZY!! you don`t know how much you have done till you finish one of these. So...any ideas on how to repurpose these let me know

Thanks for visiting and keeping in touch with my sporadic postings but really am doing lots will show some gardening shots too...later. back to some applique.


  1. quilting is ll about sharing and inspiring and sounds like Karen does this well...........

  2. You could wind binding strips on it to keep them organized. Or ribbons.

  3. Lovely quilts......thank you for sharing!

  4. I follow Karen! Her blog is full of wonderful information! Would love to see her work first hand. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love Karen's blog and would love to attend a class/presentation of hers! She is, as you said, so generous with her encouragement and advice. How awesome it must have been to hear her speak and see in person her fabulous quilts.

  6. Your very scrappy version is very pretty. The fabrics all play together well.

  7. Karen is such a talented blogger and the Queen of Hexies. Love your mystery quilt and the border fabric is perfect.


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