Thursday, June 25, 2015

words escape me

 The mailman came and my DH came downstairs and called out you have a parcel. I am sitting at this quilt I have been quilting for just too many years. I put down my needle and thought this package is big for just a mini!

Out tumbles out these wonderfully wrapped bundles in CW repro`s with wonderful fabric.
 so I untied the first parcel carefully to reveal this gorgeous mini quilt DH stood and watched with as much excitement as I . I asked him to take a picture of me with this wonderful piece of TLC. it was painfully pieced  with tiny strips as you can see and then it was hand quilted!! all those seams! all this time! I know how much time it takes to make this quilt....but that was not all there was another parcel
 Here I am with the second parcel opened and still in disbelief a place where I can place my wonderful hand work and needles and thread where I can travel and think of my wonderful new found friend and how thoughtful she really is. Where i can put my treasures that I love to work with.

Thank you so much Jennifer this is just so thoughtful and so wonderfully generous! You are really the best and I so much appreciate every stitch you put into your work it is just fantastic.
Treasures I will keep forever.
 Look at this wonderful Signature block in the travelling kit and her fantastic pockets and of course I had to show off the fabric again I have to make something maybe you all can come up with a good idea.
 See the front patchwork and the heart that holds scissors and a sturdy zipper that will not break to easily and great to handle when your arthritic hands cannot close things well.
 a couple of more pictures of the quilt I can`t get the fabric color just right but look at all the different fabrics..lots of time...Jennifer says she is going to make one for herself...I am laughing cause i can see why.

Thank you again Jennifer...Small Talk Yahoo group perfect partner to share with.


  1. My parcel meant just as much to me Deb, you are a sweetheart of a soul and I am happy to call you friend<3 Your quilt looks like it was a little squished on it's route to you. LOL. It will un-wrinkle after a bit:)) FYI, my husband drooled over my quilt from you to, saying "man-she does beautiful work"!! I told him I know, I just told you that!!! LOL

  2. Well - how lucky are you, such a sweet quilt and the sewing kit is a wonderful idea! New fabric too, what's not to love?

  3. Wow look at all those fabrics! Love the black border too with all those hand stitches!

  4. I can put up with all the computer frustrations because I know that somewhere out in cyber space there are dear friends like that. Your story touches my heart.

  5. You still look in awe of all your wonderful goodies! Your garden is looking so good right now. Wish I was there to see it.

  6. Wow! What wonderful gifts! The little quilt is beautiful and I can't imagine how much time and effort when into all the hand quilting. I love the little sewing kit with the zIp closure. I always struggle with zippers so I'm impressed!

  7. What lovely gifts! How wonderful!


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