Thursday, June 25, 2015

swap partner is happy

Well this is the other swap quilt I sent off...I should get my partners either today or tomorrow I called this one sunny lanes I see that the quilting does not show as much on the back, but Jennifer liked it and it is to her that it is for. This swap partner was so enthusiastic it was wonderful to communicate with her and get to know her a little. The border fabric I got for a steal at one of the guild meetings. I love it and so did Jennifer.

 i am just posting a few of the garden surprises that are coming up as you can see these are inbetween the lovely weeks that fight to take over.

 This tower beside me here you can see the van and the size difference. I had planted this climbing hydrangea just for this effect. I love how it flowers every year, it really doesn`t get major sun though so glad that it is happy
 These are my favorites too, there is not alot of sun on this side of the house either but yet they flourish the painted ferns on the floor are seeded from around the corner garden I love them there and I am getting more every year. Love how the garden decides what I should and shouldn`t do..LOL

Then there is buddy lying no the cement enjoying the warm sun...the little bugger got his halter off this morning and I can`t find it anywhere. no walkies till we find it! I dont`know how he got out but it is not on him this morning...hmmmmmmm did I take if off in my sleep?


  1. Cute little swap quilt! I love your garden. That climbing hydrangea is fantastic!

  2. What a sweet little quilt! I love seeing garden pics, and yours has some very interesting plants......such an intriguing fern, the colours are very unusual. We photographed one on a summer trip to the Butchart Gardens.

  3. The swap quilt is darling. No wonder she was pleased.
    I have seen so many lovely hydrangea varieties since leaving Ohio where they were all just ordinary pushes. Thanks for the trip through your garden.

  4. Oh your swap quilt is gorgeous. I love the colours that you've used!


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