Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Many swaps

Humble quilts Mini Swap
 I was lucky enough to get into the swap on Humble quilts blog and in doing so there was a theme where you had to use the idea of quilts from 1775 to 1910 it was a nice range. Being in Canada I thought of red and white and I wanted to do a little something different, so I found this redwork pattern in one of my Mini quilt mags then I added these lovely pinwheels about an inch in diameter and then mitered the corners with some hand quilting you can see at the bottom. I also have her an option to hang the quilt if she so wished.
I did not know my partner Margaret, but she seemed to be the traveller just coming back from Paris and then away again. She has finally been able to settle a bit and she was able to enjoy her quilt. I am happy that she is happy.
Thanks to Lori of Humble quilts for organizing it and having a little patience If you click on her name you will see the link up of all the wee quilts.
Quilting of Redwork

 the one below I got from my sweet swappee she hand quilted it and the signature block is just as lovely as the quilt, not only that I got some wonderful Fort Wayne chocolate. It was a great swap
My wonderful swap gift
Quilters Last Resort swap

Mini`s that I have finished

I don`t want to pose on that thing!!
The blocks to the left are a start to a swap that I am in I should have about 20 by the time I get them all from friends around the world I have known for many years on line. The stars are fabulous we are all having a good time with them. One member could not make the blocks so she sent us her siggy block and we made the block around it.

Below I was staging a little I have finished a few of my mini tops and thought I would let them get some fresh air with my rhubarb.

Buddy and I had to wait for the car to be fixed and I wanted him to sit on the Canadian Tire emblem he would have none of you can see. LOL


  1. Love your little minis......the red and white quilt is sweet! Hello Buddy, how are you today? You're looking good!

  2. both the mini quilt you made and the one you received are lovely..........congrats...........

  3. Nice collection of minis! Oh, that Buddy ......

  4. I have always liked Alice redwork designs. Looks very good in the little quilt.

  5. My schnauzer doesn't like to look at the camera. He always turns his head right as I am clicking the pic. I think he does it to annoy me. Buddy is so handsome!

  6. Those are so nice. Do you hang them on the wall or use them for table centers? I have a few and no wall space to speak of and I live with the spill champion of the world but minis are small enough for take-along work and easier to finish.


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