Monday, October 26, 2015

some fun

 I pulled out an oldy that I had been working on and started to finish the applique I have the fabric picked out on what will be in between the layout
 This is one of the blocks that I like these are just made from scraps in my scrap barrel, it is supposed to be about a quilters journey so these fabrics have memories of other quilts
 Another favorite. The black and white is in most of my scrappy quilts for some reason...LOL so my mom says anyways

still working on the baskets

fantastic walking dead fabric that I am working with

Pattern and fabric so far I love it 
I am at 180 of these baskets I have 120 more to go I have done another swap of 6in blocks so will be able to use them 120 light and 120 dark through a yahoo group called Small Talk with Kathleen Tracy she creates these fabulous mini quilts and has a huge following.

Then below you will see a different side of me. Walking Dead fabric is this not awesome?! I bought it from LogCabin Yardage and I am sorry to say but I bought the whole bolt I am not sure if she can get more. This is a quilt for a friend that wanted a black white and red quilt with absolutely no flowers! I showed her the fabric knowing she loves walking dead and she has not see the pattern I am using yet.

So as you can see a quilter can be a little versatile, fabric and quilters comes in all forms.

Well off to start another week but dreaming of quilting of course.


  1. Oh not sure I could work with the walking dead fabric, but that panel underneath really caught my eye! You have come along way on your little baskets.

  2. Looks like a lot of fun going on here! Bringing out older UFO's gives some good variety!
    I have that little basket pattern printed out but haven't gotten around to starting any yet.

  3. Beautiful quilt. Those baskets are definitely a commitment! Love the walking dead!

  4. I have not bought fabric in such a long time I have not seen the "Dead" fabric before! I may have to go looking for it -- wouldn't it make a great CAROL apron?

  5. Oh I do like that sampler quilt. I wonder if there will be applique in every block. It is a very striking quilt and really, who doesn't love a scrap quilt? This girl does!

  6. What pattern is your top photo from? Love what you are doing! Leave it to you to find that fabric! LOL


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